Lazy 80% Detmolder Rye

Hello all! It’s been awhile since my last post but new things are in the works so stay tuned!

This post will be one of several in collaboration with talented wedding photographer and friend Eileen Marie Roche. You can(and should!) check out more of her work on her wedding photography site. Eileen took all the photos for this bread as well as several other breads that will be appearing here soon. So get ready, she has a knack for making me look good!

Now, picking up right where I left off, I present to you a rye bread. Usually I’m all about meticulously crafting breads with many add-ins and preferments to create interesting flavors and complexity but with this bread I stripped it down to it’s basics in the name of time and effort.
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Chad Robertson’s Rugbrøt

Chad Robertson's Rugbrøt

As you can probably tell from my name(it’s Jorgen in case you’re wondering) I have Scandinavian roots in my family. My great grandparents were immigrants from Norway and while I don’t speak Norwegian nor have I ever been there, I’ve always felt a connection to Norway and the Scandinavian countries in general(I almost always root for the Norwegians when the Olympics come around, which for some reason is much more successful in the winter.). So when I was pointed, by breadsong at the fresh loaf, to this article and formula, written by Chad Robertson, I got excited and knew I had to give it a try. Continue reading