Chad Robertson’s Nordic Travels and Whole Grain Baking

A great article by Chad Robertson of Tartine Bakery, written for Food Arts Magazine, was recently brought to my attention by breadsong from The Fresh Loaf. The article is all about Robertson’s travels to the Scandinavian countries to learn about their breads and the Nordic style of baking. In the article, Robertson talks about the ancient flours and grains that are seeing a revival in the area and the many different ways they can be used to create delicious, flavorful bread. Towards the end of the article, Robertson shares his plans for using these grains in breads he’s creating for his new bread sandwich shop in San Francisco and even shares his recipe for Rugbrøt, a dense Danish Rye bread. Continue reading

Sprouted Wheat Country Bread

I have been on a bit of a country bread kick lately but I’m always trying to mix it up. For my latest variation I’ve replaced the typical 10% whole wheat flour in a country bread with 15% sprouted wheat.
Sprouted Wheat Country Bread

Although I don’t have that much experience using sprouted grains it’s something that has always intrigued me. Mainly because of the purported health benefits but also because of the delicious flavor.
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Craftsman Breads

Some scenes from my day job:
Craftsman Bread Stencil
Craftsman Bread Stencil
Loaf Bread from Craftsman
Craftsman Croissants

Spelt Country Bread with Roasted Garlic and Polenta

Roasted Garlic Polenta Country Bread
In my last post, I experimented with spelt flour in a country bread. The flavor was very appealing with slight nutty undertones and the bread came out great! However, I’m never satisfied with my last bread and always want to push into new areas. So I decided to increase the spelt in the formula from 10% to 20%.

I didn’t stop there however, as at the last second I decided to add in polenta. I’ve tried using polenta in bread before and liked the result. There are a few steps to take when adding polenta or any grain for that matter into a bread.
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An Experiment – Spelt Country Levain

Spelt Country Levain

Here at a Breaducation our goal is to get you to the point where you are comfortable enough and knowledgeable enough with the process of baking bread that you can create your own beautiful custom loaves of bread. We want you to be able to throw crazy flours and seeds and grains and whatever else you can think up in your bread and know it will come out well or at least learn something valuable along the way.

For inspiration, we will be sharing some of our own bread experiments on the blog from time to time. We hope you will enjoy checking them out and learning from them as we do! This week I tried my hand at a country bread with a spelt flour variation. Continue reading